“CAFÉLULU plays homage to a range of world avors that’s locally inspired.”

The comfort food focused menu mainly takes inspiration from the streets of Bangkok, Tokyo and Los Angeles for its modern American- Italian fare. With an array of local favorites dishes. CAFÉLULU aims to change the café culture & provide comfort food for local community in Jakarta.

This all day eatery welcomes its clientele with an exceptional half-circle counter creating the energy and feel of a gourmet marketplace, where freshly baked breads and patisseries plays a large part of the offering.

Also a lively deli and juice bar luring both the health and comfort conscious crowd with a classic & seasonal selection of products from dressed kale to plump oysters to prime rib or pastrami laced sandwiches that can be washed down with cold press juices or finished off.

On another side of the space sits the hipster central coffee counter, offering honest, high quality house roasted coffee which will be retailed at as well.

Full bar with an extensive wine program is sofa-style seating alongside the windows - are suitable for wine & cocktail with light nibbles.

Sprawled across is teh restaurant's main dining area in a modern day diner feel and semi open kitchen serving up produce-driven.



Lippo Mall Kemang, Ground Floor

Jakarta Selatan,

Indonesia 12150

(021) 29056900